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dcifer- Distance for Complex Infections: Fast Estimation of Relatedness

An IBD-based method to calculate genetic distance between polyclonal infections by estimating relatedness from biallelic and multiallelic data. In addition to estimates, the package provides a likelihood function and statistical inference. Functions for reading and reformatting data, performing preparatory steps, and visualizing the results are also included. 


graphs of True vs. estimated values of COI using COIL and THE REAL McCOIL

THE REAL McCOIL, - Turning HEterozygous SNP data into Robust Estimates of ALelle frequency, via Markov chain Monte Carlo, & Complexity Of Infection using Likelihood

A Markov chain Monte Carlo method that estimates complexity of infection and population allele frequencies using SNP data obtained from Sequenom or similar types of SNP assays.     We used the data in two ways:

categorical- where we consider SNP to be heterozygous or homozygous
proportional- where relative signal intensity for each allele is used


geometric image with word MOIRE

moire-   Multiplicity Of Infection and allele frequency REcovery from noisy polyallelic data

A package implementing an MCMC based approach to estimating complexity of infection and population allele frequencies from polyallelic genomics data.

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    curves fit to data points

    flexfit- Flexible format standard curve fitting & data processing

    Flexible format standard curve fitting and data processing (R package)


    capillary electrophoresis gel analysis graph

    MicroSPAT- MicroSatellite Parameterized Analysis Tools

    A collection of tools for semi-automated analysis of raw capillary electrophoresis (CE) data output by the ABI 3730, and has been designed specifically for working with multi-allelic samples. Developed to improve reproducibility and consistency of microsatellite analysis between analysts.

    Data repositories:

    Clin EpiDB logo

    ClinEpiDB- Clinical Epidemiology Database Resources

    An open-access exploratory data analysis platform. Integrated data from high quality epidemiological studies, with tools and visualizations to explore the data.

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