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Victoria (Fehintola) Ajogbasile

Victoria Ajogbasile

Victoria is a postdoctoral scholar working on the genomic epidemiology of malaria. Victoria is from Ogun State, Nigeria. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, a  Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and Genomics, and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genomics, all from Redeemer’s University, Nigeria. She was a research fellow for 7years at the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious diseases (ACEGID) where she worked on genomic surveillance studies of Malaria, COVID-19, HIV, Lassa Fever and Yellow Fever. Victoria’s core goal is to better understand infectious pathogens in order to eradicate them. 

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Andres Jesus Aranda-Diaz 

 Andres Jesus Aranda-Diaz

Andrés is a postdoctoral scholar working on the genomic epidemiology of malaria. He earned his PhD in Bioengineering at Stanford University working on the gut microbiota with KC Huang. More recently, he’s worked on the implementation evaluation of COVID-19 testing in homeless shelters with Margot Kushel at UCSF. Andrés earned his BS in Biochemistry at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile. He worked at UCSF on the systems and synthetic biology of yeast stress responses with Hana El-Samad before pursuing his PhD.

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Inna Gerlovina


Inna is an Assistant Researcher. She is interested in the application, development, and implementation of statistical methods that contribute to understanding malaria epidemiology and transmission. She holds a PhD in Biostatistics from UC Berkeley where she worked on methods to improve reliability of finite sample inference.

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Marco Hamins-Puertolas

Marco Hamins-Puertolas

Marco is a postdoctoral scholar. His research involves developing mathematical models for viral evolution across different scales. Marco has modeled various systems including infectious disease dynamics, prison recidivism, and honey bee population dynamics.

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Jared Honeycutt

Jared Honeycutt

Jared is a postdoctoral scholar studying serological responses during the development of naturally acquired immunity to malaria. He worked in Denise Monack’s lab at Stanford for his PhD studying the pathogenesis of invasive non-typhoidal Salmonella. Jared is interested in exploring the interactions between host immune responses and pathogen genetics with a view toward improving public health interventions such as vaccines.

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 Max McClure

Max McClure headshot

Max is an infectious disease fellow. He is interested in the ecoepidemiology of vector-borne disease and will be conducting research on entomological risk factors for malaria transmission. Max attended medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, completed Internal Medicine residency at Stanford University, and joined the UCSF Infectious Diseases fellowship in 2022.


Maxwell Murphy


Max is a PhD student in Biostatistics at UC Berkeley. He is interested in using statistical modeling and machine learning to understand malaria transmission dynamics, as well as applications of non parametric statistics to problems of causal inference. In his previous life, he worked as a molecular biologist gaining wet lab experience.

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Benjamin Singer 

Ben Singer

Ben Singer is a postdoctoral scholar with interests in mathematical epidemiology and global public health. Ben’s research career began with an internship at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, where he applied quantitative skills he had learnt studying physics at the University of Oxford to the study of nematode locomotion. Ben further pursued quantitative methods in life sciences in the Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Oxford, earning a DPhil (PhD equivalent) in mathematical methods for evaluating pandemic risk and control. During these studies he maintained an interest in global public health policy, interning with the UK government’s Department for International Development, where he developed models of international COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Ben is now working in Nathan Lo’s research group, which is affiliated with the Experimental and Population-based Pathogen Investigation center (EPPIcenter). His current research concerns the effective geographical targeting of mass drug administration campaigns for schistosomiasis.

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Joanna Vinden

Jo Vinden

Jo is a PhD student in Infectious Diseases and Immunity at UC Berkeley. She did her BSc in chemistry at McGill University. She is interested in infectious diseases, vaccinology, and global health. In the Greenhouse lab, she is working on a project to elucidate the human antibody response to malaria.

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