EPPIcenter Faculty gave March 2024 Grand Rounds

Drs Bryan Greenhouse and Rodriguez-Barraquer were hosted by Dr Lekshmi Santhosh for UCSF's March 2024 Grand Rounds

Titled: From Pipettes to Populations: Building an Integrated Program for ID Research and Education

In another move toward a post- COVID workplace, EPPIcenter faculty gave a hybrid Grand Rounds on March 21, 2024.  In a tag-team talk with a live audience, Isabel and Bryan discussed ongoing research at the EPPIcenter, with a brief foray into our COVID response. Moving back into malaria research, they walked us through 3 vignettes to explore how having laboratory work, epidemiologists, bioinformaticians and data analysts co-embedded has informed how we ask questions.  Finally they talked about their experiences training a new generation of nimble infectious disease scientists

Please take a moment to watch